Install react-native-awesome-card-io NPM package


(1) npm install react-native-awesome-card-io –save

(2) react-native link react-native-awesome-card-io

Build and Run Project

When I tried running the app at this point in XCode, I got a build error that looked like something like this - build input file cannot be found ygfloatoptional cpp. Here is how I solved the issue.

(3) In XCode, right-click the Libraries folder

XCode Libraries

(4) Select Add Files to APP_NAME

(5) Select node_modules -> react-native-awesome-card-io -> ios -> RNCardIO.xcodeproj

(6) Target your project, and select Build Phases

XCode Build Phases

(7) Click the + at the bottom of the Link Binary with Libraries list

(8) Select libRNCardIO.a and click Add

(9) Restart your metro bundler and Build and Run your project

(10) $$$

Implementing the CardIOModule

This part is self-explanatory from the react-native-awesome-card-io docs. Here is the screenshot they provide of the CardIOModule that is supported by both iOS and Android.

CardIO Module