Why blog?

Virtually every week since I’ve started working full-time as a software developer, I’ve encountered a problem that I did not know how to solve - often not even knowing where to begin. Everyday I use Google to search “how to do X” or “X not working” in hopes of finding a StackOverflow or blog post that addresses my specific question. While most of the time I adapt what I find to fit my situation, there are some circumstances where a solution is little more than a copy-paste job. The more resources available, the better the odds are of finding exactly what you are looking for. This blog is a way for me to share my experiences and add to the pool of resources in hopes of making someone else’s job easier.

A bit of Self-Indulgence

Whenever I find a blog that addresses my question, I hate any kind of fluff leading up to the solution. Therefore, for the most part, my posts will be as straight-to-the-point as possible. However, I am also using this blog partially for selfish reasons. I love writing and self-improvement, and I want an outlet for improving my writing. In addition to simple, straightforward solution posts, longer, more personal articles will be sprinkled in. At best I hope to relate to readers, and at worst, to channel narcissism into a way to improve myself.